Remet Konkest 600 Shear Baler

The Remet Company Limited have a new
Lefort Konkest 600 shear baler

The Remet Company have been operating for over 70 years, almost as long as the 75 years of Lefort. They handle over 100,000 tonnes per year of Non Ferrous metals. Their new Lefort Konkest 600 shear will help to shear, bale, densify and improve their products, making them more saleable for their chosen onward markets.

The feedback from The Remet Company regarding their new Lefort machine is vey positive. The machine is proving to be extremely productive. Its refined functions make the operating smoother and quicker than they have known previously. The Konkest is proving to be a hit with all personnel at their main yard in London. It is clearing the material, much quicker than was anticipated. Giving their buyers the options to purchase more material. Another successful installation and a happy customer. The Remet Company Ltd. Thank you for your first purchase of a Lefort Shear.

Tech Specs
Cutting force 600T, Hold Down 120T, Lid Force each lid 240T, Pusher ram 180T, Diesel Engine 275HP


Lefort UK Limited is the UK arm of the Lefort company a family run business based in Belgium. Lefort have been manufacturing metal recycling equipment since 1947.

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